Waterworks Festival

0 to 10,000 tickets in 24hrs. A sellout launch for a new festival.

Waterworks, a new London day festival, tasked us with managing the launch of their 2021 edition. Our services across paid social, graphic design, video and web development sold it out within 24 hours of launch.

The Waterworks team came to us with the concept for their new festival in 2020. Delayed a year due to the pandemic, we were able to get to work for the rescheduled 2021 date – building a website, developing the branding and creating a paid social media plan on a quick turnaround to launch the festival.

Branding, Design & Video

Building on the running water motif – we created a series of moving and static textures to develop the festival’s branding for 2021.

From there waterworksfestival.co.uk was built as a hub for festival info & tickets.

Paid Social Media

Our paid social plan ensured the festival launched with a splash. We drove presale signups to build hype and once tickets were on sale the festival sold out its 10,000 ticket capacity within 24 hours.

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