Waterworks Festival

Full service creative & marketing for one of the UK's most exciting festivals.

Working with the Waterworks team from it's inception — our services across visual identity, design, video, web and paid social has helped build the festival into what it is today.

To develop the festival’s identity for 2023, we explored a brief to create a lush 3D environment — ultimately landing on ‘a magical clearing, just beyond the trees’.

This 3D world formed the basis for the campaign assets — including lineup poster design.

Our paid social campaign built hype for the initial presale release. Then, utilising key festival content throughout — we created a sales funnel, leading customers through awareness & engagement phases to ultimately drive sales conversions.

We used the content captured by our 7 camera onsite team to showcase the unique feel of each stage in a series of organic-style ‘stage shorts’.

Informational assets supplemented our festival content in driving sales to hit capacity on the day.

Finally, our onsite video team captured the day with a mixture of live clips, b-roll and drone footage to give us the basis for the 2024 campaign…

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